Discovering the Essence of Koala Tea: Australia’s Organic Herbal Tea Marvel

Nestled amidst the lush rainforests of Northern New South Wales, Koala Tea stands as a beacon of Australian organic herbal tea excellence. Founded by Howard Rubin and Elle Fikke in 1993, Koala Tea emerged as a pioneer in the Australian herbal tea industry, bringing forth a unique blend of sustainability, health, and unmistakable Aussie charm.


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Koala Tea’s Organic Herbal Roots:

Before 1993, Australia lacked a cohesive herb-growing industry and locally crafted herbal teas. Howard and Elle, having left Europe due to the Chernobyl disaster’s impact on their Welsh herb farm, seized the opportunity to establish a new venture in the pristine Australian landscape.

Driven by a passion for organic farming, Koala Tea’s founders educated growers through seminars, fostering the growth of organic herb farms. The subsequent establishment of the Organic Herb Growers of Australia, a government-recognized certification organization, solidified Koala Tea’s commitment to organic excellence.


Herbal Farms Australia and Koala Tea’s Journey:

To support local herb growers, Howard and Elle founded Herb Farms Australia, marketing fresh, locally grown herbs. As major herbal companies expressed interest in Australian-grown medicinal herbs, the duo saw the perfect timing to launch the Koala Tea Company.

With a reliable herb source, Koala Tea set out to create a range of high-quality organic herbal teas. The teas not only boast unique Australian flavors but also incorporate the health benefits of organic herbs. Koala Tea quickly gained traction both nationally and internationally.


Koala Tea: A Global Force in Organic Herbal Tea:

Koala Tea’s impact extends beyond Australian shores, attracting attention from multinational tea makers. The company has earned numerous awards, and Howard Rubin’s induction into the Organic Hall of Fame is a testament to Koala Tea’s dedication to organic farming practices.


Embracing Koala Tea’s Australian Charm:

As the demand for organically grown herbal teas continues to rise globally, Koala Tea remains at the forefront, delivering a taste of Australia’s natural bounty. Distributed through national retail chains and health food stores, Koala Tea has become synonymous with organic herbal excellence.

In every cup of Koala Tea, experience the essence of Australian herbal perfection. Elevate your tea-drinking experience with Koala Tea’s unique blends, crafted with care and commitment to organic principles. Explore the world of Koala Tea, where every sip is a journey into the heart of Australia’s herbal richness.