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"Digest" is a soothing herbal tea blend that combines the delicious flavors of licorice, fennel seed, aniseed, and mint to support digestion and offer a delightful taste. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its health benefits, making this tea both beneficial and enjoyable.
Licorice, the primary component of this blend, is celebrated for its ability to detoxify and protect the liver while providing a natural energy boost. However, due to its potent properties, it is advisable that pregnant women, and individuals with high blood pressure or kidney issues, avoid licorice.
Fennel seed and aniseed enhance the blend with their digestive benefits, effectively easing bloating and digestive discomfort. Mint adds a refreshing finish, improving the tea’s flavor profile and offering additional digestive aid and a soothing effect on the stomach.
This caffeine-free tea comes in boxes containing 20 tea bags, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine for digestive support. Whether you're seeking to improve digestion, naturally boost your energy, or enjoy a comforting herbal beverage, "Digest" is an excellent and healthful choice.

Contains 20 teabags.

Ingredients: Organic Licorice, Organic Fennel, Organic Aniseed, Organic Peppermint

Health benefits: Aids digestion and soothes stomach discomfort.

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