Wholesale Organic Herbal Tea

Embark on a journey with Koala Organic Tea, a leader in wholesale organic tea that captivates tea enthusiasts in Australia and beyond. Discover our herbal teas at Go Vita Health Food stores and major supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths.

Extending our reach, our distribution network spans gift shops, restaurants, retreats, IGA, and Ritchies supermarkets throughout Australia. Additionally, Koala Tea proudly serves the global market, making a mark internationally.

For businesses seeking top-tier wholesale organic tea, choose from our range in cartons of 6 or 20 packs. Each pack is a testament to our commitment, containing 20 teabags, individually enveloped for optimal freshness.

To join the Koala Tea family through wholesale partnerships, simply connect with us via the form below. Our dedicated team is ready to provide detailed information on Koala Tea Wholesale supply and pricing, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued partners.

Moreover, Koala Tea extends a unique opportunity through our private label tea services. Tailored for businesses globally, from hospitality to healthcare, this exclusive service allows you to create a branded tea line reflecting your identity and ethos. Explore the possibilities with Koala Tea Private Label services.

Koala Tea goes beyond being just tea; it’s an odyssey of authenticity and quality. Join us in celebrating nature’s flavors through our finely crafted, organic blends. Immerse yourself in the joy of sipping wholesome tea with Koala Tea.


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