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Experience the purifying benefits of Detox, a blend meticulously crafted to support detoxification and digestive health. This caffeine-free tea combines a classic herbal mixture including St Mary’s Thistle, Rhubarb Root, Chicory, Burdock, and Nettle ~ each known for their ability to support and protect the liver against toxins while ensuring smooth digestion.
St Mary’s Thistle is renowned for its liver-protective qualities, aiding in regeneration and detoxification. Rhubarb Root contributes not only to digestive wellness but also acts as a gentle laxative, enhancing detoxification processes. Chicory, rich in inulin, supports liver health and helps with digestive balance by promoting healthy bacteria in the gut. Burdock is celebrated for its blood purifying properties and its support in eliminating toxins from the body. Nettle rounds out this blend by providing additional support for detoxification and its natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Each ingredient in Detox is certified organic, ensuring that you’re consuming a tea free from synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. This commitment to quality helps maximize the natural benefits of the herbs, providing a clean and potent therapeutic experience.
Detox offers a straightforward way to aid your body’s natural detox processes. Enjoy the earthy flavors and the rejuvenating effects of this expertly blended tea and feel refreshed and cleansed with every cup.

Contains 20 teabags.

Ingredients: Organic St. Mary Thistle, Organic Rhubarb Root, Organic Chicory, Organic Burdock, Organic Nettles

Health benefits: Supports liver health and detoxification

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