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Apple Tea offers the delightful flavor of freshly picked Aussie apples in a soothing cup of tea. This certified organic blend captures the essence of real apples, providing a deliciously fruity experience that's perfect for any time of day ~ be it breakfast, lunch, or a relaxing moment in between.
This apple-infused tea combines the comfort of a warm beverage with the crisp sweetness of apples, creating a unique and refreshing twist on traditional teas. It's like enjoying your tea and fruit in one go, offering both health benefits and great taste.
Whether served hot to warm up a chilly morning or iced for a refreshing afternoon treat. Our Apple Tea is a versatile choice for those who appreciate the natural sweetness and comforting qualities of apples in their tea.

Ingredients: Apple, Black Tea

Health benefits: Refreshing and aids digestion.

Contains 20 teabags.

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