The Koala Tea story

In the Beginning

Before 1990, Australia lacked an organized herb-growing industry and locally produced herbal teas, relying instead on imported options. Determined to change this, Howard Rubin and Elle Fikke founded The Koala Tea Company. Their vision was to establish an Australian herb-growing industry and create locally made herbal teas.

Establishing an Australian Herb Growing Industry

Upon their arrival, Howard and Elle found interest among both small and large growers in cultivating herbs. They organized weekend seminars to teach the art of growing organic herbs, which led to the establishment of numerous herb farms. To support these growers further, Howard and Elle initiated an organic certification program, Organic Herb Growers of Australia, which gained government recognition.

To market these fresh herbs, they founded Herb Farms Australia. The company quickly grew, supplying both domestic and export markets. The rising interest from major herbal companies indicated it was the right time to launch the Koala Tea Company.

The First Koala Teas

With a reliable supply of herbs, Howard and Elle created a high-quality range of organic herbal teas designed to promote health and well-being, taste delicious, appeal to a wide audience, and be accessible to everyone. The first shipments were well-received, and as more customers discovered these unique Australian teas, demand grew.

Koala Tea Proves to Be a Popular Choice

Consistent and increasing sales of Koala Teas reflect the demand for organically grown herbal teas in Australia and worldwide. Distribution through national retail chains, health food stores, and gourmet food outlets established Koala Teas as a favorite among herbal tea enthusiasts. The brand also attracted interest from multinational tea companies.

Over the years, Koala Tea has received numerous local and national awards. Howard Rubin's induction into the Organic Hall of Fame is a testament to their pioneering efforts. However, the greatest reward for the Koala Tea team is the praise and satisfaction from their customers, for whom they continue to craft these exceptional teas.

A New Chapter

In recent years, Koala Tea embarked on a new chapter when Lucas and Margaux became the new owners. After spending ten wonderful years in Australia, they earned their Australian nationality and saw the incredible potential of Koala Tea. With their three daughters, Lucas and Margaux bring a fresh, vibrant energy to the brand, emphasizing quality and recognition as Australia's first organic tea.

Lucas and Margaux are dedicated to preserving the legacy of Koala Tea while making it even more accessible and beloved by tea enthusiasts. They have started supporting Australian wildlife by donating to Save the Koala, ensuring that their business contributes positively to the environment and community.

We invite you to explore our diverse range of blends, each made with care and dedication to bring the best of organic Australian herbs to your cup. Join us in celebrating the legacy and future of Koala Tea, where tradition meets innovation and quality is never compromised.